Industrial washers and industrial washing equipment

A Rubertsson AB manufactures customised industrial washers, material handling systems, drying and cooling systems and surface treatment systems, and distributes standard washers.

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Cleanliness technology with Aru-Clean

Cleanliness technology with Aru-Clean

With the help of A Rubertsson Cleanliness Technology AB (se ARU-Clean.se), we perform washing and cleaning of products and components. We also offer cleanliness technology in the form of cleanliness measurement and coating measurement.

Industrial washing equipment

Industrial washing equipment

Our main focus is the design and manufacture of industrial washers.
Our washers are available as more or less standardised models, but we also manufacture fully customised machines to meet special requirements.

A. Rubertsson AB is a well-established company (founded in 1977) which produces customer and product-specific industrial washers and washing equipment with ancillary material handling systems, as well as markets and sells standard washers according to customer needs and requirements.

We offer assistance with designing your washers /industrial washing equipment /surface treatment equipment /painting equipment. Our premises are suited for construction and manufacturing, and we can perform test runs/delivery acceptance together with the customer.

And, of course, in connection with the delivery of your equipment, we can also perform installation, commissioning and training, as well as service and exchange of knowledge within the field of cleanliness/cleanliness technology.

We mainly focus on industrial washers ranging from simple (both small and large) tunnel washers, cabin washers, ultrasonic washers, carousel washers, basket washers, dip washers, cavitation washers, and complex washing systems with integrated material handling equipment.

Our product range also includes drying equipment, such as hot air dryers, vacuum dryers and cooling equipment.

Our equipment can be used to treat and process anything from one-piece items to parts/components produced in serial production, weighting from one gram to several hundred tonnes. We guarantee to always meet the customer requirements for cleanliness and speed.

Industrial washers

The company also maintains an increased focus on the development of its own products in the field of environmental protection related to our industry. Our product range includes surface treatment equipment for phosphating, complete painting equipment, liquid purification equipment for the purification of washing liquids, as well as rinsing cabinets in various sizes for cleanliness measurement of cleaned parts.
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