Education CPR rescue

A.Rubertsson’s staff have now been educated within CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and we have also invested in a defibrillator of our own. Education CPR rescue
On the diploma reads the following:
When somebody gets cardiac arrest, it´s urgent! Every minute is precious. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation combined with defibrillators dramatically increases the chances to save the one who’s been suffering. A.Rubertsson AB’s workplace meets up with the requirements for a safe-heart environment because:

  • There are procedures and preparements to prevent and take care of a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • There’s a strategy for emergencies at sudden cardiac arrests.
  • CPR can be started immediately.
  • Treatment with the defibrillator starts within five minutes.
  • Everyone in the staff knows where the defibrillator is and knows how to handle it.

The aforementioned is taken from the certificate issued by the Swedish “Heart- Lung Foundation” and the criteria were made in consultation with the Council of Sweden’s cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


We perform cleanliness measurement/particle measurement

You probably know that A Rubertsson AB can offer cleanliness measurement/particle measurement of your parts and components at our own laboratory.

We can also measure the surface tension of your products, which is an important part of the process to achieve optimal adhesion when gluing, painting or coating on various substrates.

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New website

Our new website is now up and running and we hope that it will help you and bring you much joy.


Mats Rubertsson