Basket washers

Our basket washing equipment is usually front-loading and adapted to different sizes of goods baskets. The equipment can be fitted with an automatic basket handling system, basket rotation or carriage, general flushing, flow-jet washing, ultrasonic washing, drying equipment, cooling equipment, etc.

Rubertsson basket washing equipment can be built in one or more steps, or several steps of a process, in the same processing chamber. Our devices are fitted with an automatic lock protection system, which prevents items from falling out of the basket if the lid is missing.

During the first rinse cycle, the items are washed under rotation or wobble, where any impurities and oils are flushed away. During flow-jet washing, the chamber is filled with washing liquid and the items are rinsed below the liquid surface with 8 – 20 bar pressure, while at the same time moving the washing liquid back to the supply tank, which optimises the washing away of oils, grease, dirt and other particles from the item.

By fitting the equipment with ultrasound, several washing steps and a vacuum dryer, it is possible to achieve very high cleanliness levels.

Washing results

Washing results are affected by these factors:

  • Washing Method (pressure , flow, technology)
  • Time ( duration )
  • Additives ( cleaning chemicals)
  • Temperature ( liquid temperature )