Ultrasonic washers

Our ultrasonic washers are available both as standard options or customized ultrasonic washing equipment, i.e. anything from small desktop models to built-in ultrasonic cabin washers, basket washing equipment, dip washers or cavitation washers.

By applying an ultrasonic swing during the processing stage, it is possible to utilise a phenomenon called cavitation. Cavitation is generated by placing a swing in the processing chamber, which creates a high frequency ultrasonic wave in the washing liquid consisting of millions of tiny micro-bubbles which are transported through the liquid, and as the bubbles explode against the item, cavitation takes place.

Cavitation mechanically affects the item’s surface, and, due to their tiny size, the micro-bubbles are able to penetrate very small or deep holes and uneven surfaces of the item and clean those areas.

Ultrasound works best in conjunction with some type of subsequent flushing or another form of removal of contaminants loosened by the micro-bubbles (cavitation).

Washing results

Washing results are affected by these factors:

  • Washing Method (pressure, flow and technology)
  • Time (duration )
  • Additives (cleaning chemicals)
  • Temperature (liquid temperature )